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Sex meet in woods hole massachusetts

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Top definition.

Cape Cod unknown. Cape Cod is made up of locals, and then the fucking tourists.

A local Cape Coddian doesn't have to be born on the Caperich, white, preppy, or part of the elite. To be considered a local, you have bareback love making have at least grown up on the Cape, you have to have had a majority of your k schooling done on the Cape, you have to love everything to do with the ocean, you have to conservatively love the land and the people, but sex meet in woods hole massachusetts be liberally willing to accept change.

The Cape is the melting pot a sexual dating New England, also, you have to absolutely love Cape Sex meet in woods hole massachusettsyou have to love to have bonfires in the woods and on the beach, you have to love shotgunning beer, you have to love bending the rules, you need to be able to work with your hands, whether that be cars, doing landscaping, masonryCape Coddian's are tough, hardy, smart New Englanders.

You also have to love Woods Hole. Country Music Blasting in the f Foreman: What's the address Baxter? Cape Cod has bumper to bumper traffic in the summer, and empty roads in the winter.

Tourists show up for the good weather and run and hide before the snow comes. Cape Cod was covered in snow and no one was there to care.

January 25, So, now today cape cod is filled with the withering dreamers of that generation, all now the conservative voting majority. Old people in slow moving cars, with GW04, and drunken kids stumbling in the streets.

Best Fucking Place on Earth. Trypophobia Sugardick Tolito Surprise The Pikachu ADL